I will be completely honest – I’ve never watched any of The Librarian movies with Noah Wylie. I don’t know why, it’s usually something that I would eat up with a spoon.

But I’ve been watching Leverage on Netflix lately and reacquainting myself with the handsome cowboy Christian Kane. I first fell in crush with him when he played the hottest big bad on “Angel” – Lindsay. Seeing the long-haired but less tattooed version of him on Leverage had me looking to see what else he was in. The Librarians popped up.

So of course I have spent yesterday watching the first six episodes of the first season on TNT.com. Seriously I am in love with this show. It’s like they took Indiana Jones mixed with Warehouse 13 and threw in a dash of Doctor Who. Not to mention I get to drool over Christian Kane but there’s also the beautiful Rebecca Romijn kicking serious ass. And EVERYONE has been showing up in it! I mean come on – who wouldn’t want Bruce Campbell to play Santa!

It’s shows like this that spark the little kid in me, the one that loves all the fairy tales and the fantastical. It’s what keeps me wanting to create worlds and writing. So even though I didn’t get much writing done yesterday I know that once I’ve watched the entire first season (and then put myself on hold because they were just given the green light for season 2) I will have enough creativity spooled in my brain to get some serious writing and even editing done.

Oh yeah - did I mention JOHN LARROQUETTE!

Oh yeah – did I mention JOHN LARROQUETTE!