Standing next to the tree were two red headed women. They flickered like a hologram does in the science fiction movies. Their hair and long flowing robes were snapping in a breeze that was unfelt by anyone else. The younger of the two could have been Lo’s twin sister and the elder was most definitely related. Their deep purple eyes were flashing with a magical power I knew I would never understand. Instantly I recognized that these women were dangerous and every hair on my body stood on end. Seth and his men were suddenly between me and the hologram-like women. I found myself reaching across my shoulder for the black bow that had only lain there in a dream. I felt amazingly lost without it and it was something I had never even truly held. As strange as this world was I realized I was quickly feeling like this was where I belonged.

The younger of the two women spoke first. “So the Nameless One’s lapdog seeks to stand between my daughter and myself.”

I felt Lo’s entire body jerk in response to these words. She loved her adoptive parents but I knew she longed to find the truth of her birth parents. If we hadn’t been in this dream world I would say we had at the very least found a relative, but the woman looked much too young to have an eighteen year old daughter.

“I will always stand between you and any person you want, Evelyn.” Seth’s voice was full of absolute hatred, all though I suddenly realized this must be the person he thought Lo was at first. The resemblance was uncanny, especially considering the fact we were definitely not in Kansas anymore,Toto.

“And yet I spent many a night under the hands of your beloved Emperor with you nowhere in sight.” The grin on the women’s face would have belonged better on a skull.

I saw physical pain rip across Seth’s features. “Through devil’s trickery.” He spat.

“Which always was the Nameless One’s weakness, falling for the devil.” the evil Lo-lookalike gave a high pitched cruel laugh.

Seth suddenly swung his sword through the younger woman’s torso. I expected there to be blood and screaming but she merely laughed as the sword whiffed through the air. Either her magic was protecting her or she wasn’t really there. Since I could see the ground and sky through her I was betting on the latter.

“Children.” The older woman spoke and the magic in her sultry voice pulled at me, forcing me to face her. “My granddaughter’s child was stolen from her. We will have her back.” If the woman had truly been standing before me I would have instantly handed her Lo, that is how strongly I wanted to follow her magic laced instructions. How could this woman make me do something against my will? And simply by speaking a few husky words?

“Lilith, your magic will not work on me.” Seth stopped glaring at Evelyn long enough to roll his eyes at the older woman.

“Only because I am not in your presence, Bodyguard. Rest assured if I was there she would be mine.” The woman named Lilith flicked her fingers and she and the younger woman disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared.