In the past I have not done review posts but this month it seemed like an appropriate post because there were/are a few things to get off my chest, so to speak.

For my blog: This month has been really great. I have gained new followers and read about a lot of different authors, all of whom inspired me in some way. This is all in a large part due the wonderful Kate M. Colby who invited me to be a part of The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour. I was gifted a lot of encouragement via the answers given by the other authors as well as a boost in confidence being a part of the tour itself. It really was a great idea and something I hope the two Kate’s can maybe do again…next year. I know it’s a lot of hard work and I really appreciate all the time that was put in to it to make it go as smoothly as it did.

2k blog tour pic

Thank you ladies!

For my writing: This month did not go nearly as well. I wrote a lot more blog posts than I have previously, including some creative ones, as opposed to just opinion pieces. At the beginning of the month I started working the research phase of a new novel, as well as the opening sequence of that book. I was slowly getting some editing done. But as this short month labored on I couldn’t seem to keep my brain focused on either book project and found myself dreading sitting down at the keyboard to write or edit. I’m taking this as a sign that I’ve overextended myself a bit and just needed a break. Starting next month I’ll get back into the swing of it – with more focus and time devoted to the seriousness of editing. I have a lot ahead of me and I don’t want to fall behind so to speak and not reach my goal of self-publishing by the end of the year.


Don’t HAVE to keep calm, but you do HAVE to write SOMETHING.

For my job search: I feel like I’ve spent all month banging my head against wall after wall. Event jobs aren’t the most needed at companies and something that a lot of people can mold into another job, one that I may or may not be qualified for. But that really isn’t the point. The point is I’m starting to go a little insane not working. I think that may be part of the reason my writing suffered. As much as I complained before when I had a full-time job that writing was so hard to do and I had to make time…I have found in these past few months without a full-time job that I really need that time constraint to force me to get more done. I still have that procrastination habit I cultivated so many years ago in high school. If there’s a deadline I wait until the last possible minute and then in the anxiety of getting it done on time my creativity is fueled and I come up with fantastic work. But I had a phone interview the other day and have scheduled an in-person interview with the same company coming up this week so here’s hoping this is the one!


I wish it was as easy as clicking a button.

Personally: This month has been rough for me and my family. Especially these last few days. My father-in-law passed away on the 25th. It was sudden, all though not entirely unexpected. So now my husband and his siblings are trying to deal with the loss of their father as well as what to do now, funeral arrangements and all that. In these initial days it’s a struggle and they’re all making lists of what to do, asking questions of when to do things, and just overall trying to process the grief they are now faced with. I can only imagine what they’re going through. As a Daddy’s girl myself I know that when the eventual time comes (about a million years from now, if I have any say about it) that my father passes on I will be an emotional wreck. So I’ve been calling my Dad this week and thinking about him and our relationship a lot. Don’t ever take your parents for granted. Even if you may not have a good relationship with them, take the time to reach out to them, take the time for all the relationships in your life from friends to family, because seriously this time on the earth is limited.


My smiling father-in-law and my smiling niece.

Overall: It was a short month. With highs and lows like every month, but I spent a lot of it focused on the lower points. I am of the belief that writing out what happened this month will help me be able to gain focus and get back to concentrating on the highs of life. I am thankful February is short, even if it was freezing and full of ice and snow, a generally miserable month of winter. However I look forward to March, the coming of spring and a revitalization in all areas of my life: blogging, writing, professionally and personally!