I’m pretty sure I went to a normal high school. Getting good grades, memorizing the monologue for the upcoming theater audition and wondering if the cute guy I was crushing on even knew my first name. This was my high school career. It was full of teenage angst on how to make my mark on the world.

I had a few flings and a few serious boyfriends. I didn’t go to crazy ragers filled with drugs and alcohol. I spent my weekends eating more junk food than an entire football team and watching movies with my best friend. I pulled my hair out over math tests that I was pretty sure made by the devil himself.

But I have this addiction to shows like “Veronica Mars”, “The Fosters”, “Pretty Little Liars”, and “Twisted”. If you watched them as often as I then you would be convinced that high school was full of ragers, murders, lies and never actually going to class. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore the soap opera drama of these shows but I don’t  believe this is what high school is like nowadays – even if I graduated 13 (oh lord) years ago. There’s no way it’s changed that much.

Please tell me I’m not seriously deluded. Someone tell me that high school these days is still just as normal and angst ridden as my experience was.