Coming into Portland Oregon I was greeted with a spectacular view of Mt. Hood. I had spent the day flying above the clouds and when the snow capped magnificence of the volcanic Hood came into view I was hit with a divine realization.

When I say it outloud it sounds cliche but parterned with the views I encountered today I know it’s absolutely true. Above every dark cloud the sun is shining brightly. It may be a day so dark and dismal you can’t believe the light will ever return and yet it’s still there shining bright. You can’t see it but it’s still there, waiting for you to remember that it has been there all along.


A beautiful inspiration to start my trip to Portland. The purpose of the trip was to refresh my mind, body and soul. A new city, surrounded by family, is just what my soul needed. Day one and already I feel more like my old self. My happy self. And my muse is starting to once again whisper in my heart; oh how I missed her.