I have found the quickest way to make a body suddenly feel old…interact with a five year old.

Last night at my niece’s and my PJ party even when she was watching tv she was all energy. I had walked a lot and then we had also gone swimming so I was half falling asleep on the couch. She however was bouncing around and singing despite the late hour.

Now granted I live a sedentary life as well as the fact I’m adjusting to a different time zone and it being that time of the month so my energy levels are much lower than hers to begin with. But it’s not just the physicality of it all.

Emotionally she is always just going. Her mind is constanly moving and questioning. Even things she knows she still asks questions about, trying to learn everything. Sponge brain. She looks at each daily experience as new and exciting. Tired and exhausted she still wants to know…HAS to know!

At 31 I don’t usualy feel old in spirit. I am a homebody and not very active but I still felt young enough to need creativity and learning. But just these few days with my niece I realize I need to change how I see the world. Use the lens of a sponge brain. Question, quest, explore and inquire.

So despite the bruised knees and aching back I refuse to feel old. Put on my smile and open my eyes to the world as my niece does.