I met the Pacific Ocean today. I curled my toes in the water that was so cold I am still unsure how it wasn’t frozen. I had a moment of soul clarity watching the fog roll across the ocean, up onto the beach while standing ankle deep in the swirling waves.

And as a perfect counterpoint we then drove to Mt.Hood. From eighty degrees surrounded by sun and sand to cool breeze and snow! The dormant volcano was sedate as we climbed it’s lower portion. Tall evergreens stood nearby, foreign to my eyes as they looked vastly different from the pine trees on the east coast.

Today was two different experieneces that I wouldn’t change for anything. Hearing my niece laugh at the cold ocean waves and beg to stay FOREVER on Mt. Hood opened my heart even more. Watching her tumble through life so cheerfully makes me want to live the way she does. Each day for her is as awe inspiring as seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time was for me. She leaps from high to low as easily as I take a single step. She allows herself to feel all emotions fully without guilt or shame.

I let go of so much anxiety today, allowing it to wash away in the ocean. I pushed aside depression under the cool shadow of the mountain. I made a promise to myself to live more life more like my niece, no guilt, no shame. Just go with it.