It’s been a few weeks over a month since my last post. A month of big changes – or at least one major change that led to all the little changes a life needs to keep moving forward.

After a very long and arduous search I have finally found another job! I have been hired as a Senior Coordinator, Conferences and Meeting Services with The American Society of Civil Engineers. Hallelujah! I am once again a working woman!

Now as I start my fourth week of once again having a job I am reminded of how working for eight hours a day really cuts into other things. Like editing my novel. Like writing blog posts. Like reading. Like any other hobby (i.e. online game play) that I may have. They have all go straight out the window.

And I very nearly through the baby out with the bath water as well! I allowed my exhaustion of my new schedule to take over and stifle my muse. She’s been there, causing me some crazy dreams and frantic note taking on my phone so I didn’t lose the characters she insisted I get to know right that moment. My exhaustion and my busyness did not deter her in any shape or form. As happy as that made me it’s also meant I have to refocus.

I have to learn to schedule out time to write, to edit, to read, to study for my CMP – all of which I have just put on hold. It’s a holiday weekend (Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!) so of course trying to start a more fulfilled schedule this weird short week at work, and then while traveling for the weekend is in all honesty not going to happen.

But I’ve taken that first step. I wrote a blog post – one to begin holding myself accountable. And to allowing all my faithful readers, friends and family, to hold me accountable. Ask me about my editing. Give me ideas for blog posts. Ask me about my studying. Send me messages of encouragement, prayers and good karma. Don’t hold it against me when I go another month without a blog post because when scheduling out my non-working hours I forget about my blog! Just be patient and know I’ll be back – my muse will allow nothing less!