They warn you that as your baby and therefore your belly get bigger you will have trouble putting on shoes and socks – and in fact there will come a time when you won’t even be able to see your feet.

What they don’t warn you about is that even at 20 weeks the struggle of just getting into pants can be very real. One leg at a time – that’s how I’ve always put on my pants. Well this morning that one leg at a time had me tipping over. And once I had both legs on, getting the leggings pulled up to wear they belong was most likely America’s Funniest Home Video worthy – but I was lucky enough to be home alone.

So if leggings are so difficult you say – why not wear a skirt or dress that you can just slip on? Of course, why didn’t I think of that! In the fall..when it’s starting to get chilly. Have you ever attempted to shave your legs while pregnant? I’m pretty sure it’s only by the grace of God Himself I haven’t managed to cut my legs off.

So yes, I love my belly getting bigger. Because I know it means Tadpole is getting bigger and that she’s growing! I’m happy that I’ve reached the half way point in my pregnancy and also absolutely terrified. Half way?!!??!?!?! You mean she’ll be here that much sooner? You mean I’m going to get even bigger?!?!?!?!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing…except when it isn’t. You go put a melon under your shirt and then try to put on pants, or shave your legs, or tie your shoes. let me know how well that works out for you!