In just a few days it will be November again (where has this year gone?!?!?!) That means that it’s almost time for National Novel Writing Month!

I’ve been seeing everyone getting excited about it and preparing for all across not just my blog, but across Twitter and Facebook as well. And it has me thinking, should I participate this year? This year I have a new job (which while better than my previous one is still time-consuming and stressful). I’m pregnant and dealing with all the exciting aspects that come along with this new part of my life. This past year my father-in-law passed away and now we’re working on getting the details for his condo all sorted out – mostly so that we can move in to it!

Now are all these just excuses? Can I not find a few minutes a day for writing? I mean, I obviously can if I can write an entire blog post about it, right?

So okay, I realize I can find the time to write, so what does that mean? Does that still mean I should participate?

Last year I won NaNoWriMo by completing my first novel. It was a crazy amount of work and I felt so accomplished afterwords. I rode that high for a month or so of editing afterwards. Since then I haven’t done much with my novel. It still needs some serious editing and I’ve been having dreams about almost completely rewriting the entire thing as a way to make it darker and more mature – which was my initial goal with it in the first place.

So do I take an entire month to work on a new project – which of course I have many ideas written down that I can expand upon – or do I focus on my current project and finish it first? I want to self-publish, that’s my goal. My main goal.

So even though I most likely won’t win NaNoWriMo by getting to 50,000 words in a month, do I continue with my current project and make it the best I can? I will most likely write a lot of words in reworking the material and in the long run that will better bring me towards my goal of self-publishing that novel.

I think in just writing it out I’ve answered my own question but still I reach out to my fellow writers – what’s your opinion? Do you have any advice? Will you participating this year? Need a writing buddy?