For some reason we (the societal we) track pregnancy by weeks. I can understand it on one hand because there are so many changes and it seriously is a different experience each week!

But I’ve been losing track of which week it is – and this is despite having multiple apps on my phone tracking it for me (and being the planner who has each week marked out on my calendar). So I am constantly checking to see where I am currently. Where I’ll be during what holiday.

And am now panicking – is having a baby shower when I’m 32 weeks cutting it too close? But seriously how do I have it any sooner – what with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year all shoved in between? I mean it’s technically only nine weeks before my due date – what if Tadpole comes early? Is this a normal panic to have?

The other thought that’s on my brain is when she is born do I have to refer to her in weeks? So many do months – is there really such a large difference between 12 months and 13 months? Will my little grow continue to grow and change on a weekly basis? Because week by week I’ll never remember how old my little one is – without having to do math – and if you’ve met me you know instantly that even basic math is mostly beyond my purview most days!