Lately I’ve started talking to myself. Okay, so I’m talking to Tadpole – who at 21 weeks is now able to hear me. Even before I was showing with the bump I found my hands constantly rubbing or touching the area where the bump would be. Now my hand is almost always resting on my belly, more as way to comfort my brain that my baby is there and as a way to connect with her.

As I begin to talk with her I do the fun in-house judgement of myself. Am I using the correct tone of voice with her? Can she tell I’m talking to her and not to our furbabies? I refer to one of our furbabies as Baby Girl – does Tadpole think I mean her? Do I need to retrain myself in how I talk to my furbabies?

Then, as I’m explaining to Tadpole who the furbabies are and how much she’s going to love them, I realize it doesn’t really matter. I’m making a connection with my baby, that’s what matters.

My husband greets Tadpole with a pat, a kiss and says hello to her. She gets a special hug separate from the hugs he gives me. And he always makes sure to turn the music up so that Tadpole can hear. She moves a lot when he plays his music so as far as I can tell she has the same taste in music as he does.

Trying to focus on the bonding with our child and not the stupid voice in my head that wonders if I’m bonding correctly and in the right tone of voice.