Today was the first time in years that I haven’t been able to get to the polls before going in to work – which in my brain didn’t really make sense because I go to work later than in the past. So now I’m Googling “when do the polls close in Virginia?” and realizing I actually knew the answer.


Which means I’m leaving work on time today and praying the traffic gods are in a good mood today and I can get to the school that is my voting place quickly and on-time! Sometimes it only takes half an hour to get from work to home – so in that case it would be a piece of cake. But if you ever HAVE to do something (and I HAVE to vote) that’s when Murphy’s Law decides to play in traffic.

Make sure you vote today!

Get your sticker, but besides that get your ability to complain and whine about the government. Participate. If you only participate in the presidential elections – that’s not participation – that’s doing what’s cool.

Every year when I go to vote I’m shocked by how few people turn out in the years between presidential elections. It’s pathetic how few turn up – but how many then rant and rave against what gets passed and who gets put into a position of power in their locale, and in their state. If you don’t participate fully you miss out on so much.

7pm. That’s when polls close in VA. 

If you haven’t voted yet – check the poll closing time in your state! Get out there. Vote. Participate.

Roll of "I voted" stickers for early voters at the Eustis Memorial Library.