So the natural reaction upon ordering food to go is to check before you leave that you have everything you ordered. It’s understandable at the busy lunch rush that things get placed in the wrong bag or forgotten.

But with pregnancy brain thinking to check that didn’t even occur to me today. So when I returned to the office to eat my yummy sub I was saddened to discover they had given me my coworkers order but forgotten mine. Good for the my coworker, a little sad for me. But I couldn’t be mad at the restaurant because of course I didn’t check.

So I quickly made a microwave meal (thankfully I had one in the work fridge) and ate it. Well, I inhaled it more likely because Tadpole does not like when I don’t eat when she lets me know she’s hungry but that’s a whole other story all together.

Then I called the restaurant about my half order. The guy who answered the phone immediately knew who I was, which sandwich had been left and what he was going to do to fix it. He mentioned that there was a new guy but that he knew that wasn’t my problem. He was refunding me for the left behind sandwich AND he was going to send me a coupon for a free sandwich.

Wait – so you just told a pregnant lady that not only was she going to get her money back but she was ALSO going to a free sandwich??!?!?! Um, yes, good costumer service won out today!

Kudos to Penn Station in Reston for making what could have been a potentially very upsetting experience a great one!