I signed up to receive these weekly emails about my pregnancy from a few different places/apps. One of the emails that I receive is from Pregnant Chicken (Babylist). I’ve only received two so far because I just recently signed up but each one has had me laughing hysterically.

This morning’s began with this paragraph:

Guess who’s about the size of a Barbie doll? Hint: it isn’t you. Yep, your baby is about the length of a Barbie but it weighs about a pound and doesn’t have big tits and unachievable body proportions. Although, your baby does have real eyebrows and eyelashes now, which is more than we can say for Barbie – suck on that, doll.

I mean seriously? How PERFECT is that? I’m still laughing about it.

Such a creative and unique way to mark the weeks of growth for your baby (and for you). Everyone’s heard of the your baby is the size of this fruit or vegetable one and these days it’s all sort of generic. I mean seriously, a papaya? My baby is the size of a papaya? Well, papaya’s are uniform so what size papaya? [And now I’m trying to see how many times I can use the work papaya in this post, because papaya is actually a fun word to type.Papaya.]



For me it’s also much easier to visualize the size of a Barbie – having played with my own as a child, as well as my mother’s Barbie’s from when she was a child. And guess what, each Barbie was the same size. Okay, so Skipper and Ken were different, but their names aren’t Barbie now are they?

Anyway, now I will be spending the entire day imagining my little Tadpole as a Barbie. Or maybe Barbie grocery shopping for papaya’s.


They have a Supergirl Barbie???? I NEED THIS!!!