I’m a sensitive person. I wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see. Learning to keep emotions in check while at work has been a life-long process. My body cries when it’s happy, sad, mad or in pain. The tears flow freely and keeping them back used to be so exhausting. I’ve gotten much better at adopting a calmer demeanor.

And then I got pregnant.

Usually I get upset at seeing animals that have been killed on the side of the road – it’s a depressing sight. Nowadays…I have to pull over because I’m crying so hard I can no longer see straight.

This morning I accidentally stepped on one of my cats. It’s a normal occurrence with my furbabies as they’re super affectionate always underfoot. Indie especially so in the kitchen, where she’s chirping to have you pick her up. This morning though I stepped back and caught her little paw under my big clunky rain boot. She cried out, more to let me know that was her I was stepping on than any real pain. But I then proceeded to drop my apple juice (thankfully the large bottle didn’t break or spill) and rushed to scoop her into my arms.

I was crying hysterically telling her everything was okay and I was so sorry. So sorry. Over and over and over. For a good five minutes. That’s when I noticed she was curled up on my shoulder, purring her little heart out, rubbing her head all over my face and grooming my hair. She wasn’t hurt and in fact she was more concerned as to why the Pride Mama was freaking out. With that the overreaction faded and I realized I had to leave or be late for work.

Then on the way to work a bug hit my windshield and the tears were flowing once more. Seriously? Seriously?!?!?! 

Thank you pregnancy hormones, you’re really a joy to experience.


But why is her shirt pushed up?