*The following is a true story of how a pregnant lady has a three p.m. what the hell moment*

Office phone rings. I check the number, see it’s from outside the office and answer with a cheerful professional greeting of company name, my name and “How may I help you?”. The guy introduces himself. We discuss a request for proposal about AV services. It’s a brief conversation. He gives me his email address, which I write down and I promise to send him an RFP. We tell each other to have a nice day, thank each other (went kind of back and forth on the multiple thank yous) and hang up.

I open a new email, give it a subject, attach the RFP and put in his email. I go to write the email…and realize I have no idea what this guys name is. I look at his email address and it’s the standard first initial and then last name. I go back to the conversation that was all of five minutes ago and can remember word for word everything he said…EXCEPT of course his first name.

I write out the email minus my usual Good afternoon ________ greeting. Oh my god, what IS this guys name??? Harry? Hal? Henry Hank? Hank? Could it be Hank? I think it might be Hank. Do I write it and risk getting it wrong? Do I just say Good afternoon and ignore putting in his name all together? Do I go super formal and refer to him as Mr. Smith?

OMG! Why can’t I remember this guy’s name?!!??!?

Tadpole proceeds to kick and roll in my belly.

Oh yeah.

I look down and ask my belly if this guy is named Hank. She’s of course no help and just proceeds to roll around some more.

I decide to go with just Good afternoon and forgo putting in his name.

I send the email.

I continue to wonder if his name really is Hank or if I’ve somehow made that up.