This weekend was one of the more jam-packed weekends I’ve had in a very long time – most certainly since I got pregnant. And as I look back and reflect on the weekend, while every part of it I wouldn’t have missed for the world I do realize that come Monday morning my body is not what it once was.

I had lunch with a good friend to celebrate her birthday, dinner and concert with another friend…which of course included lots of singing at the top of my lunch and cheering…and not getting home til 11:30pm. 11:30pm – the time when this pregnant lady is usually just waking up for the first time in the night to go pee.

Then Sunday dawned bright and early with a drive to my Wifey’s wedding. Helping her to get ready at one of the most gorgeous little inn’s I’ve ever been to. Overwhelmed with the love of their friends and family, all come together to watch them begin on this next step in their lives. I have no words for how wonderful it was to experience that.

And because this inn was close to my parents we stopped on our way home to say hi and let them experience the bump in my belly that is their first grandchild.

Of course for the second night in a row I’m home late – but only 10:30pm this time. The time when I’ve usually asleep for about an hour, hour and half.

I woke up this morning pretty much feeling like somewhere during the weekend I managed to get hit by a mac truck. My back hurt, had been since driving home the night before. My throat hurt and I suddenly sounded like I’ve been smoking a pack a day for my entire life. My feet are swollen in protest of not drinking enough water during the weekend. I’m so exhausted that the entire process of getting dressed and ready for work seems like the most complicated thing I’ve ever done.

So now I’m at work…with pants that are NOT pregnancy pants and despite the rubber band hack don’t quite work. My shirts pretty wrinkled. My face feels tight and dry and my throat and still raw. So I’m downing water like it’s going out of style and trying to not to moan to loudly every time I have to waddle my aching body to the water cooler to refill my bottle. I can’t focus and to top it all of a wonderful case of the Mondays.

Is it Friday yet?