I’m a shy introvert. I would much prefer to be at home reading and cuddling with my furbabies. My chosen profession – event planning. That means I’m front and center, the one everyone is going to with questions.

Thanks to years of love of theater I’ve learned how play the part that’s needed from me at any given time. You put the smile on and you act the role of a confident person. You take lots of deep breaths and don’t let your panic show.

I also have lots of anxiety attached to depression (cause they’re the best of friends). So I’ve learned to hide the nervousness and anxiety in the only way I can – by pointing it out. See how my face is turning bright red, I always do that! I always cry, mad, angry, sad, happy, I’m always crying! I make it seem normal and not at all embarrassing – despite having all that attention directed towards me has me wanting to crawl in a dark hole and pull a thick blanket over my head.

When my friends come to me for advice about how to appear confident I do my best not to laugh in their faces. They’re coming to one of the most unconfident people and asking how I act so confident. I give them the only thing that I know for a certain works – Fake it ’til you make it!

fake it til you make it


The Great Pretender