I want to rage and throw things. I want to scream out for all the pain and suffering. I want to hold in my arms those families who are mourning – in Paris, in Beirut, in Mali, in all the cities in all the world where violence is an everyday occurrence.

I fear for the world in which I will be bringing my daughter into. I want to turn away from the news – each story more gruesome, painful and hate filled than the last. I want to keep her safe and know that nothing will every harm her, nothing will every break her heart.

Then I take a moment. A single moment. One simple moment to sit and feel her move inside me. She’s wiggling and she’s dancing. She is content. She is healthy. She is completely surrounded in love.


So instead of raging. Instead of yelling. Instead of screaming at the top of my lungs for all of it to just stop. I contemplate love. I smile with love. I speak with love. I focus on the love.

It may seem a small thing – and some days the world’s pain and suffering is overwhelming. But each person that stops spewing out their anger and fear and focuses on their love changes the lives of those around them.

Each time I tell my little Tadpole that I love her I know I’m building a strong foundation for her. She will hear love, see love, experience love, know love. She will be stronger for it. Her heart will most likely break at hate, fear and violence. People will see this as a weakness. But she will know she is strong.

She will know she is LOVED.