Listening to Christmas songs on my drive in to work this morning I was struck with what to me was a very profound thought.

The story of Christmas is all about this child, this extraordinary child, the Son of God, the Son of Man, this Savior. This little boy was sent by God, is God, is bringing mercy and love to save us all. The great I Am. This CHILD!

So many accept this – that this child can bring mercy and love. This innocent child is the epitome of grace and love and can so easily save the world with its love.

But a mere 33 years later this same child is now a man. A grown man. Offering the same message of mercy and love. He now walks the walk of love, and spreads the message of turning the other cheek. Yet the masses are frightened by this message coming out of the mouth of a grown man. So terrified they murdered him.

What does this say about human nature? That we’re willing to accept messages of love from an innocent child but that for some reason that same message is somehow corrupted merely by being an adult. What changes in a person to make love something to fear as you grow older?

As I prepare to welcome my first child into this world I look forward to all the unconditional love she will experience. But I also fear that as she grows she will one day fear love and not trust it. Will she one day look at the world and only see in it the hate and the fear? Will she not see the small acts of kindness happening all around her? Or, even worse, will she see these acts of love and wonder what the real agenda behind them is?

Do I do that? Do I focus on the fear of this world and brush aside the love? Do I remember the innocence of love and mercy as only a childlike quality but not something grown adults can experience and share? How will I show her that love is stronger than hate when all she notices are the gestures of the opposite?

This was my great dilemma as I drove into work. Not my usual drive in dilemma…usually it’s only as severe as how often I have to hit my brakes or horn so as not to be killed by the other drivers who apparently are so wrapped up in their own existential crisis’ they forget they’re driving. But the conclusion I came to is to focus on the love. To focus on the children. To act as the children would act – out of love with no hidden agenda. As I focus on the love I have and can spread to this world by the time my little Tadpole arrives, hopefully I’ll still be able to see beyond the exhaustion and just focus on the unconditional love I will have for this tiny tiny human.

Happy Holidays! May love fill all your lives and be the focus as the days of this year come to a close!