Random person: OMG – you’re so pregnant! Is this your first?

Me: Yes. (Ignoring the lovely comment on my being SOOO pregnant, which just seems like a rude way to point out I’m carrying a basketball around under my clothes).

Random person: Are you going to be doing a baby book?

Me: Nope.

Random person: Look of such shock you would have thought I killed their puppy


Do I really need to justify why I’m not doing a baby book? Probably not. Am I going to? At the very least I’m going to attempt to.

I’m not doing a baby book because in this day and age I’m not entirely sure I see the point. To track my child’s growth and the milestones. Well I’m obsessive with taking pictures and posting them to Instagram – so even with the crazy exhaustion of first time parenthood I’m pretty sure that’s not an issue.

Also – in case maybe it isn’t obvious I have a blog. I’ve already written about my pregnancy experiences so far. What makes anyone think that once motherhood is upon me my blog will just up and disappear? Yeah, there may be long breaks in between posts but trust me there will be posts about my child and motherhood.

So with all these modern ways of sharing the growth of my child why would I need to spend money on special book to track certain milestones? What if I don’t care what color hair my baby comes out with? What if instead I decide to document when that hair falls out and inevitably comes back a completely different color? That happens – and guess what, I haven’t seen that milestone in any baby book.

Yes, first steps, first words, how big they are when they’re born, etc. They’re all great milestones to celebrate and be excited about. But so are all the ones I don’t know about and that will suddenly spring up on me. There aren’t extra pages in a baby book for the things I will suddenly decide must be documented.

And don’t worry – at some point in the future my child will find my blog – my social media presence – and be devastatingly embarrassed about all I’ve share with the world!