Once more the news is inundated with tragedy. Words like massacre, mass shooting and death at a nightclub have been circulating round and round so that it’s all one can see and hear. In the midst of this mess I realize how desensitized I am to it all and what are terrible thing that is.

Fifty people lost their lives in a senseless tragedy this weekend and I can barely manage a sigh of regret that their lives were cut down so brutally. This breaks my heart that because this has become such a daily occurrence it seems commonplace. Commonplace. Commonplace to have fifty people lose their lives for absolutely no reason? Something is so brutally wrong with that statement and yet it’s fact.

My life this past year has changed drastically and my perspective has changed. Everything I do I do for my daughter. I want her to grow up healthy, happy and most importantly loved. I don’t want her to see things like this on the news but most especially if she does I want her to be hurt by them. I want her to rage at the injustice of it all. I want her to cry with the families that are now missing their loved ones. I want her to see the bountifulness of human nature as so many stand in line, in the heat, for hours on end to give the very blood from their bodies to help those in need.

And the only way I know to do that is to love her. With every fiber of my being, surround her in love. Shower her with smiles, hugs and love. To be her support, to be her courage, to be her pride. I want her to know she can change the world with each smile, each ounce of love she spreads. And I will show her by living my life as one of love.