#MiracleChallenge : Week – 8
Challenge No : 3

She stood at the bend in the road. It was time for a choice, a decision had to be made. There was no going back – only forward. But which direction – left? Right? There was always the road less traveled that held the illusion of great adventure but potential for great risk. Or the road she was more comfortable with – that she’d taken so many times before. 

She pulled a penny from her pocket. Not the most effective way of making the decision but certainly the quickest. With a quick flip of her thumb the penny was sent spinning into the air. A sudden crash dragged her attention away from the flying penny. A polar bear came barreling out of the woods next to her. 

A polar bear? What is this? Lost? Seriously, Muse, that’s the worst thing ever…try again.

The shiny penny spun up higher and higher. A sudden crash yanked her attention away from the copper flickers. A giant tiger came roaring out of the woods…

Stop. A tiger? That isn’t any better than a polar bear. Muse, come on, make a nice descriptive fantasy fiction blog post. 

 So you want a giant flying fairy to come out of the woods? Oooh – I know! A vampire. One that looks like Alexander Skarsgard. 

Muse! Seriously? What are you on today? Yes, Skarsgard is gorgeous but I’m not entirely sure this is what we’re going for here. Focus. 

The shinny penny…

Shinny? You know that’s a verb meaning to climb awkwardly, right? 

I misspelled shiny – give me a break here, I’m a Muse not a spelling teacher. 

Okay, but you’ve already described the penny. What is the distraction that makes the character turn around?

I don’t know. 

You’re my Muse, you’re supposed to know. 

I’m broken. 

Um…does that mean this blog post isn’t happening? 

I don’t know. 

What do you know? 

That flipping pennies is an easy way to make quick decisions. And Alexander Skarsgard is hot.