It’s been too long since I’ve written a post. I logged in and the first post I see is a list of horribleness that was spoken by the President of the United States. And that post was over a year ago. I had no idea that it could get worse. Sweet Mary, Mother of God, I had no idea. Charlottesville hadn’t happened. The supposed ban on trans military hadn’t happened yet. Kavanaugh hadn’t happened yet. I had no idea. 

And now I have another daughter. Another young sweet girl that I desperately want to shield from the world. Instead I have to teach her, show her, that the she is not what this country has become. My girls have so much privilege because of the color of their skin and our economic status. But they also have much stacked against them because of the sex they were born with. If they aren’t straight they could have more battles to fight. Or if they’re trans. Or if they have mental health issues. Or if they don’t identify as Christian. So many things that can become stacked against them. Do I have the strength to raise them to see these walls as ones that need to be torn down? Will I be able to teach them to raise their little voices in the face of injustice? Will I be able to teach them how to not let the hate seep into who they are at their core? Will I be able to show them they are creatures of love, born of love, raised in love, deserving of love and unconditionally loved by their parents? 

The strongest way I know to show my daughters all of this is to remember to be true to myself. And one major step with that is for me to continue writing. I go through ups and downs where it’s easy to write, or my mind is blank or the words just fail me. I have used my blog in many different times to force myself to keep thinking and to keep the words coming. It may be just another blog in the overall grand scheme of blogs but for me it’s therapy. And it’s being true to who I am. It’s something my girls will find at some point and be able to see a little of bit of who their momma is. Hopefully it will be a person they instantly recognize because I’ve been showing them all along. 

Evelyn (right) and Margaret (left)