I see all these memes of “before children/after children” and they always made me laugh – mostly because I am experiencing that period in my life. The one where we have two young kids (a three year old and a five month old) and so life is HARD. Like seriously HARD. Our full-time jobs haven’t gone anywhere. Our marriage hasn’t gone anywhere. We now own our own home so the responsibilities there have only increased, because it’s not like we have a landlord who can do the fixing of the things – that all falls on us.

So those then/now memes are REAL.

And today it hit me how hard. Well actually it all started Wednesday. When our three old got sick. And not just a cold or a fever…but the sick that came with the revisiting of what one ate for dinner the night before. From the mouth. The revisiting that my body desperately believes must be joined in with in sympathy.

Now that she’s on the mend – Hallelujah to all the Gods, Goddesses and anyone else I can give praise to! – and I’m working from home in my p.j.’s looking much worse for the wear. And the husband is at work probably struggling hard core on need for sleep but pushing through because well he’s got this adulting thing down. The baby is at daycare (again with the Hallelujah) and the toddler is playing with her lego’s, thoroughly overjoyed to be feeling herself again.

So how, you’re asking, did I get hit with the before kids/after kids meme feel? Well today is our eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years we’ve been married. And on a day like today – a FRIDAY EVEN! – we would normally at the very least go out for dinner. And for a couple of years we would go celebrate the opening weekend of baseball with Nats games – once in D.C. and once in Cincinnati. #natitude

Not so much this year. This year he’s on call at work. The toddler is still recovering. And the five month old…well seriously she’s the most laid back baby so she is just smiling and being her little cheerful self to everyone she see. Our happy little Magpie. It’s not the usual way we’ve celebrated our anniversary. I’m not mad or upset about it. It’s just different. And totally encapsulates this time in our lives.

Happy eight years married to my partner in adulting, love and this insanity that is life with two sweet adorable tiny humans! ❤