Updated: August 28,2014 – I have finished the writing class. It was really a great experience and so incredibly helpful. I, of course, have hardly worked on my novel since then, but that’s because of me not the class. The class itself really forced me to focus and work hard. It gave me deadlines along with constructive criticism. I really think my novel improved immensely during the time period I was in the class. The class also gave me a plethora of knowledge when it comes to self-publishing, which will be really helpful down the road.  Now I just have to find the strength, the time, and the energy to get back to that writing. I set goals, now I have to reach them.

The Judas Tree

The Judas Tree

I’m working on a novel (have been for years really). I have just registered for a class at the local community college. It will help (according to the class description) “you turn those ideas and partial manuscripts into an intricate and well constructed novel that a publishing house will want to purchase. Learn about story, structure, plot, voice, character development, and setting. Explore the different kinds of genres that exist, including thriller, legal, romance, murder mystery and others. Also learn about manuscript formatting and how to target and submit your manuscript to the right publishing houses”.

I’m going to use this page of my blog to post snippets/chapters/character descriptions, etc. That way I can get a little more feedback and constructive criticism on my novel.

For now the title is The Judas Tree. I’m not sure exactly what genre you would place it in but my best bet for now is fantasy. Many of it’s most prominent characters are religious figures (Cain, Lilith, Archangel Gabriel, and of course Judas). It’s of course complete fiction but has lots of religious overtones–but I wouldn’t say is a religious novel per se. I’ve made up a different world that exists alongside ours but at a different speed of time. Hope you guys enjoy! (Once I get something up of course!)