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This morning was the fun ultrasound where my husband and I found out the sex of our baby. It’s a girl! And seriously, after everything we got to see today, that seems like the smallest insignificant thing to learn.

  1. We learned she was healthy. In case you’ve never experienced the absolute panic that comes with having a tiny human using your body as an incubator, finding out that this sweet baby is HEALTHY is seriously the best news in the entire world.
  2. She’s very stubborn.. She was sitting on her butt, legs crossed, arms propped up on her knees. And she refused to move. They needed a picture of her spine but she did not want to cooperate. Even after getting up, going to the restroom, she moved just enough to have the picture of her spine taken, and then she moved right back.
  3. She doesn’t like have her picture taken, her Daddy’s little girl already. When they were confirming her sex, she positioned herself even lower down on her butt, legs still crossed with arms in her lap, making it very difficult to confirm. Thankfully they’re used to baby’s not doing what they’re supposed to!
  4. The picture of her face looking directly at us is so reminiscent of alien face that no matter how in love you think you are, it’s creepy!
  5. They measured her head, her brain, her heart, her heartbeat and her legs. They looked at her arms, her kidneys, her bladder, her spine, and the umbilical cord. You can see all of these things on an ultrasound. This alone is insane.
  6. All this wonderful information, complete with amazing pictures, while awesome and unbelievable doesn’t “make up” for the sickness that was the first trimester. It may be amazing now, but one still remembers what it was like before.
  7. You fall instantly in love with this tiny human. You’re so happy that she is healthy that they could have told you it was really an alien baby and you wouldn’t have cared – because it was YOUR HEALTHY alien baby.
  8. The amazed look on your face, is nothing compared to the one on your partner’s face. They’re just as love as you are. And they’re just as freaked out as your are. Every emotion you have, your partner is also experiencing.

Meet Baby Girl Boyce, aka Tadpole!

So today was an amazing day. We learned we’re going to have a healthy baby girl. And the focus for us is on healthy. Because we all know that boy or girl, this baby was going to be a cape wearing, Batman loving human!

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