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You make a doctor’s appointment for let’s say 10am. It’s a bell curve on when people show up. Majority are going to be there right at 10am. Another group will show up anywhere from half an hour to five minutes early. [I fall in this category closer to the half an hour early end]. Then you have those who show up five minutes to half an hour late.

Now don’t get me wrong, traffic and other life events happen, making it impossible to be on time sometimes. I’ve even been late, usually only by a minute or to [which in my head feels like hours late]. But those aren’t the people I’m referring too…it’s those who are consistently late. That woman who comes in fifteen minutes behind her time and demands to be seen first.

And then proceeds to get so upset that she’s not seen right away. She looks at me like I’m there to take her side. She is NOT happy when I’m called before her, right at the time of my appointment. Come on! I mean I know that when I’m late – no matter the reason – I will have to wait longer. They will have to fit ne into their schedule.

But time after time I’ve seen this woman come in late and be confused as to why she doesn’t get seen right away. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different reaults. I wonder if one day she’ll show up on time or early and get in first.

I guess we’ll see. At least she gives me amusement in the waiting room.

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