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I’m going to deviate (slightly) from my usual posts about writing, life and lately my pregnancy to talk about something that I haven’t had to experience for the past few months…menstruation.

I read this article recently:¬†Facebook Reprimands Woman for Promoting Female Hygiene Products. Ironically enough I read this article because I follow attn: on Facebook and it popped up. Reading the article I can see that either Facebook content people aren’t actually reading what they’re supposed to be approving or declining (which is a separate issue about actually doing ones job) OR they’re rejecting this out of hand because it talks about MENSTRUATION.

Why that’s such a dirty word I’ll never understand. Yes, the whole act of bleeding for a few days (for most people, I bled for like¬†seven freaking days) is pretty gross. The symptoms that come along with it aren’t really fun to experience either; the bloating, the mood swings, the cramps (oh GOD the cramps!), etc. But it’s a natural process. It happens monthly for the majority of a woman’s life. And let me tell you, as a young child I thought it meant I was a real grownup if I got my period!

Nowadays of course I’m overjoyed that a symptom of pregnancy is this lovely lack of having to deal with my period every month. I don’t have to buy tampons, liners and Exedrin Extra Strength on a monthly basis. I don’t have to worry about staining yet another pair of my favorite underwear (because you never stain the already stained ones!). For a few months I get the relief of not having to spend days curled up with the heating pad and still being in pain. Granted I have labor to look forward to and all that but for now I’m happy to have a break from my monthly cycle.

Still I don’t see why this is such a taboo topic. Why are women afraid to buy tampons or pads in the store? For the fact of the matter why are men afraid to buy them for their women? How is it any different from buying deodorant? Or toothpaste?

I don’t personally think it’s such a grand experience or even a life changing one, but that’s my perspective on the matter. I also don’t think it’s taboo. It should be taught in school and everyone should understand how it works. It’s the health of our women that stands on the line when young girls aren’t taught about their period and when men are habitually told that it’s gross and why girls are so emotional. It’s the mental health of our society that’s at stake when we make this natural process some sort of taboo mystery.

So women, men, let’s take the time to make this monthly visitor a normal topic. If you can talk about farts and vomit you should be able to talk about a period. Because let me tell you I’d rather have my period than vomit for seven days!


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