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This song is currently stuck in my head but I can’t really be upset about it if it inspired a blog post – now can I?

I got the lyrics a little wrong when I was singing it in my head, not unusual. It came out “why do you do that thing you do” and somehow my mind took that and ran with it. All the things we do in our life, the little things and the big things, there’s some sort of motivation behind them. So why do we do all the things we do?

Lately for me I’ve been trying to eat better, and less, as well as be more active. The ultimate goal was to lose weight but the more I’ve worked on it, struggled with it, hit my goals and been excited about it, I’ve come to one simple realization. Losing weight was not the reason I was doing all this hard work. Looking skinnier wasn’t the reason I was doing all this hard work. Conforming to a look that society thinks I should have when my body just isn’t built that way was not the reason I was reaching my goals.

So why was I doing this thing that I do?

For me. Simply stated; because I wanted to. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to be able to work out and feel good afterwards. I wanted to improve my life. I’m not as worried about the number on the scale, even if it’s what I use to judge whether or not I’ve reached my goals. I’m more worried about the clothes I already own and having them fit like they used to. All of these reasons make it easier to keep pushing myself. It also makes it easier on those days when I don’t work out or when I don’t eat as well as I should.

I’m prone to internalizing everything and judging myself so harshly I end up in an anxiety spiral that can lead to depression. I know this about myself. I know that eating better and being more active can help this not happen or at the very least lessen the effects of it. So I keep working. I have a bad day, I brush it off.

I keep striving to be a healthier person. Mind. Body. And Soul. Not a skinnier person. Just healthier.

That’s why I do the thing I do.

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